Articles part of marketing site for SaaS: What tags and optimisations to do?

Hey everyone!
I am building articles part of the marketing site of

The goal of these articles is to attract SEO traffic to useful content. Content mostly technical, so I expect to get the long tail of low popular/low competition queries.

I’d like to learn from you what should I build and how should I optimize for SEO and social sharing?

I know something about OG tags, microformats, page load speed. But I’d be super happy if we can come up with a definitive guide and checklist to what are must-have things for such content project?

Thanks, all!

Privet, кomrade! :hatched_chick:

I’m thinking about SEO for the last couple of years too. What blocks me is endless questions and doubts. I’ve read tons of SEO articles and checklists, saw SEO courses, and read SEO books. And now I know too much.

I can not just sit and write. I’m starting to think about the title, the CTR, the article launch plan, the link building, and all that stuff you are currently asking for. This creates a blocking wall of old good procrastination.

So when you are asking “what to know” I’m asking “how to forget” :smile:

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