Automate searching + collecting public Twitch emails

TLDR: I made a tool for myself public today that helped my project scrape public emails from Twitch.

Twitch Email Scraper was a tool I made for myself personally to solve my problem of manually searching for a creator’s public email on Twitch.

About 2 weeks ago, my previous project Flux silently launched and I needed to reach out to creators immediately so I could personally onboard them as the initial creators of the platform (reducing the initial friction and learning curve with adopting new products).

After spending hours and hours on navigating between different categories and profiles within each category, I quickly realized how tedious the task was, how some profiles didn’t even have a public email address displayed within their profile description and/or panels, and how much time was being wasted.

Using those pain points as a base, I decided to automate the process by creating a bot to do the searching, collection, cleaning, and sending for me which in turn minimized the amount of time it took to reach out to creators and maximize the amount creators I could possibly reach.

Given the real world success it generated for me I thought well maybe a modified version of this tool could help others too!

Please let me know what you think :) Any and all feedback is great

NOTE: I’m working on a new project so DM me if you’re interested :D

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