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Hey Broadwise,

I’m Marwan, a 16-year-old web developer. Today I’m launching my first project, Changeloggy. It’s the tool you need to boost user-engagement by sharing those unnoticed changes in your application’s update. It has most of the features you want to create a changelog, for free. You can also get Changeloggy Plus for only $2.99 and enjoy additional features that make you OWN your changelog. Insights, feedback from users & more to come! And surely, keep the project going :joy:

There is a lot of stuff I have planned to be released very soon, but I decided to launch with features that are now available because I don’t believe in perfectionism. Over the next few weeks there’ll be more and more features, performance improvements and more.

The website:

All feedback will be appreciated. Tell me what you think about it, what you think needs to be added and whatever you have to say. Thank you!

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Hey Marwan! Welcome to the forum!

I wish I was as cool as you at my 16 :slight_smile: :+1:

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