Google announced Web Vitals: health metrics of your website

In May 2020 Google announced the launch of Web Vitals.

Google wants you to care about 3 metrics:

Download this cool Chrome Extension to measure it:

It works like this:

If your website is doing red - you will be kicked from SERP forever and Sergey Brin will come to your house and eat all your salad.
Just kidding.

Google seems to really want you to optimize our website. Personally I do not understand the points chasing. I think penalizing websites that are loading 20 MB of 3rd party JS for over 10 seconds is good. But making me worry that I have only 77/100 instead of possible 90/100 is not cool.

For me, as a user, a website load time of 1s is exactly the same as 2s. I do not want the owner of the ā€œ2sā€ website to invest time in speeding up the website, it is OK as it is. Let the website owners care more about content, not about numbers.

I believe this scoring race is hilarious.

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