Mixpost - Self-hosted social media management software

Schedule and organize your social content (from Twitter to Facebook to TikTok) all in one place without limits and monthly subscriptions.

Why choose Mixpost?

  • Run Mixpost on your own server and pay less for a powerful social media management tool.
  • Optimize your cost and take control of your data with Mixpost, the self-hosted software that allows you to schedule and organize all of your social content in one place, without limits or monthly subscriptions.
  • Easily manage and collaborate with your teams to get the most out of your social media strategy.

Who is Mixpost for?

  • It is the ideal social media management software for bloggers, artisans, entrepreneurs, and large marketing teams looking to optimize internal costs.
  • :rocket: Launch your SaaS in a few days and start making money from subscriptions.
    If you are looking to create a SaaS with the theme of scheduling, analytics, and social media, with our software you can launch your SaaS in just a few hours and make money from subscriptions from your customers.

Early Access Deal
For a single one-time payment , you will get LIFETIME free updates license Mixpost PRO.

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