Supp – Browser Extn for Mindful Status Management in WFH-Heavy World

Hello Broadwise!

Supp is a simple browser extension for mindful status management. You can form group with your coworkers or friends, and Supp gives you an instant glance at what they are doing & who’s free or busy.

The Idea
It’s designed mainly for the current remote/WFH heavy workspace, where working peacefully has, startlingly, become quite challenging.There are too many sync-ups, just to know what everyone is doing in the team.Along with frequent Slack/Hangouts messages like “Are you available for a call?”, “What are you doing?”. Not to mention some people who don’t even bother to ask your availability before shooting out their pings.

I was unable to find disturbance-free time to focus on my own work and wished there was an automated way to know what everyone was doing & see if someone is free to be bothered with or not before pinging them.

Been there, felt that? Supp is for you!
Visit the site to get your browser extension.

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Hey Aayush!
I like the idea. I think if I had a team we would use it.

Why do you want to keep this service free? :thinking:

P.S.: Your website stopped working:

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