TheLifeSigns service: Living solo? This could save your life

Problem to solve: Living solo is not without risks. Every year, single people die because they become unwell at home and are no longer able to call for help. A helpless situation can last for hours or even days and worsen. In many cases suffering can be prevented if the outside world is warned in time.

Solution: TheLifeSigns service sends a daily email with a lifesign button. You won’t be contacted by any of your friends or relatives as long as you push the button each day. In case you are not able to press the button, TheLifeSigns automatically sends requests to your buddies to check in on you.

Request: This service has been operating effectively for a few years in the Netherlands. We now want to spread it around the world. If you could test it out and check how it performs in English in your time zone, that would be fantastic. Any ideas are appreciated. It would also be great if you could promote this service. Perhaps you even save a life with it :blush:

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