UX is everything

I love spreading my thoughts over the globe and see what happens. It helps both others and me. The readers learn something new and inspire, I put my past experience in order.

I have a WordPress blog but I rarely write something. One day I realized that WordPress makes me sick and that is why I procrastinate when there is an opportunity to create a cool post.

My point is if writing is simple and pleasant, you will write more.
And sooner or later obtain a writing habit. Naturally!

That is why I mostly write in my Telegram channel. Telegram is easy to use and quick as hell (sweet native technologies :grimacing:).

Medium and Teletype are good alternatives too.

So if you are struggling to begin your blogging career try not to think about creating a serious super-customizable blog with email-capture banners, tons of meta tags, open graph images for all social networks, cross-posting features etc - all that massive amount of features that WordPress gives you. Try with a simpler tool. It can bring you much further :grinning: