What tools do you use for email newsletters?

What tools do you use for your email marketing campaigns? :thinking:

I have used Mailchimp and Elasticmail in the past.
Mailchimp is smooth, cool, flexible and powerful. I just like it! But when you reach the 2,000 subscribers limit you start paying. Paying a lot.

Elasticmail was pretty OK, but their deliverability was not good enough. I used it ~3 years ago, perhaps it is better now.

When I was starting Unicorn Platform I planned to use Mailerlite for newsletters. I even coded the integration already.
But then I installed Intercom and found out Intercom offers one-time email newsletters too.

And it is just perfect! What I love there:

  • Data. I have access to my users’ data and custom events. E.g. I can send a promo newsletter to everyone who has not paid yet. Or send a guiding email to the one who has not built a website yet and need some help. I also tag users when I talk to him. Some people really enjoyed my service and I tagged them as loyal. This means I can send a newsletter to them and ask them to write a review.
  • Clean UI. I really do care about interface and how my service looks. Intercom’s email templates are crystal clear. Just perfect.
  • Price. On the Startup plan, I pay $50/m for all Intercom services including one-off emails. I have over 3,000 users and leads and Intercom does not additionally charge for this volume.

I also used mailchimp previously, but now switched to Buttondown (buttondown.email) – it’s stripped-out of useless features that have nothing to do with email sending and is very to the point. That’s their value proposition, that it “gets out of your way” after providing essential features. I have hundreds of subscribers on my Morning-brew like newsletter with latest news and it handles them nicely. What I find lacking there is customizing the look of emails – but it provides an option to add custom CSS, so that should also be manageable in theory. I also think Hugo from codewithhugo.com uses it

Thanks for sharing buttondown.email. I really loved their product vision. I will research the product deeper and adopt some sweet features.

This one I already added to the todo list:


They also share their competitor products right on the front page – in the footer. This is just nice, their attitude is the best.

This is quite a popular practice that may give good SEO results!
Check also Podia:

The Podia comparison tables were featured on MarketingExamples.

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