YouTube channels

Hey, everyone!
I am curious. We talk a lot about growing mailing lists, Twitter accounts, etc.

I’d like to hear who is has YouTube channels and consistently publish new content?

I’d like to follow!

Also if you are subscribed on interesting channels share them too!



Hey man. I recently stumbled this cool channel:

They share insights on marketing, sales, vc, content marketing, leadership.
I liked this episode much:

I also wanted to run my own youtube channel on this week but my fancy mic doesn’t work with iPhone 8 because Apple forgot to add a 3.5mm jack to it! :sob: :sob::sob::sob:

I watch many YouTube channels but there is only one which I recommend to my friends:

That guy (mpj) is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! :smile:

Here are my findings: - my personal choice. - learn from demo days. - too much TikTok, but the guy is awesome.


Guys I just found this awesome website which contains many YouTube channels to watch:

Topics include: design, startup, education, business, entrepreneurship, development, photography and many more.

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